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Ibiza Farm S.L.

Ibiza Farm S.L. is all about eco-friendly agricultural and gardening solutions for the residential and commercial markets.

We are certified international resellers of Tower Garden® Farms aeroponic vertical systems.

Ibiza Farm S.L. is a partner of True Garden Ltd. & Agrotonomy Corporation in the USA.

We help customers worldwide to grow pesticide-free crops while focusing on the best water saving options.

Ibiza Farm has set up the first aeroponic vertical farm in Europe using Tower Garden® technology.

We specialize in aeroponic-tower-farming as well as greenhouse solutions for extreme climates.

Ibiza Farm is also the publisher of “Getting The Most Out Of Your Aeroponic Tower”.

We donate 75% to 90% of our farming production to low income individuals.

We believe in farming 4.0, culinary landscaping, agricultural transparency, and plant based dietary strategies.

Ibiza Farm S. L. is a corporation registered in Spain (Sociedad Limitada). CIF: B57926339 .

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