We sell Tower Farms
Tower Farms without borders:
Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central & South America, & Oceania.
From the Arabian Desert to Iceland,
we believe in producing food locally through precision farming
We believe in teaching children how to grow food in schools
We believe in
Beyond Organic
farming solutions

Ibiza Farm

Ibiza Farm is all about eco-friendly agricultural and gardening solutions for the residential and commercial markets.

We are certified international resellers of Tower Garden® Farms aeroponic vertical systems.

Ibiza Farm is a partner of True Garden Ltd. & Agrotonomy Corporation in the USA.

We help customers worldwide to grow pesticide-free crops while focusing on the best water saving options.

Ibiza Farm has set up the first aeroponic vertical farm in Europe using Tower Garden® technology.

We specialize in aeroponic-tower-farming as well as greenhouse solutions for extreme climates.

Ibiza Farm is also the publisher of “Getting The Most Out Of Your Aeroponic Tower”.

We donate 75% to 90% of our farming production to low income individuals.

We believe in farming 4.0, culinary landscaping, agricultural transparency, and plant based dietary strategies.