Learn how to farm with aeroponic towers at Ibiza Farm!

Workshops are from 10 AM to 12:30 PM followed by a vegan friendly lunch prepared with fruits and vegetables picked freshly right off the towers! 

Ibiza Farm’ aeroponic tower workshops:

#1) How to assemble and clean a Tower Garden.

#2) How to configure a fully automated aeroponic system for multiple towers.

#3) How to operate an aeroponic tower: we cover all the do’s and don’ts and share with you a wealth of personal advice, tips and recommendations.

#4) Recommended combinations when growing different crops on the same tower.

#5) Seeding and planting rotations to ensure ongoing uninterrupted harvests.

#6) Algae growth management.

#7) Recommended organic pesticides and fungicides.

#8) Beneficial flowers and insects strategies for pest control.

#9) Integrating Tower Garden into your daily lifestyle: from single tower owners to multiple tower systems, we will discuss the best ways of truly using your aeroponic towers for the benefit of your health: it’s all about planning an “eat what you grow” strategy. 

#10) Setting up a Tower Garden micro farm/urban farm as a business opportunity.

– Our workshops cost €75 per person including lunch.

– 8 people maximum per workshop.

– Online reservation required.

– Workshops are in English.

– Private workshops are available for groups of 4 minimum.

– Private workshops are available in English and French.

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Available Dates
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